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  • David Hammond

    July 27, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    I’ve a little more time to reply.

    £650 per vehicles, weight that up against.

    £10,000 for a new(ish) printer. Most need to be used regularly or the heads will clog, last head I replaced cost £1200 fitted. You can keep it on, and do regular cleans, print the odd job, but with ink costing £70+ a litre, it’s an expensive beast.

    Your plotter, you’ll be wanting at least a 1370 plotter, with optical eye, and it’s going to have to be half decent for accuracy, so add in £3000 there.

    Printed graphics need laminating, despite what the sales reps will tell you, so add another £2000+ for a decent one there.

    Software, most are subscription based now, so £40 a month?

    Stock, a decent polymeric vinyl and laminate, could be £300.

    I’ve got that at £15,780 if you bought it all outright and then there’s the time messing about making it all work.

    You’d need to be doing 2 of your vehicles a month, to make back the capital investment in 12months, and you’re still risking clogging a head.

    Shop around, even ask the existing supplier is there anything they can do on price. Just be cautious of those using the cheapest rubbish they can get hold of.