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  • Robert Lambie

    April 15, 2008 at 8:26 pm
    quote Chris Dowd:

    Perhaps this thread needs to be made available to Nick Horseman their MD and give him the right to reply!

    This thread has been noted by Ashby… they do read the boards regularly and may decide to reply at some point.

    The thing is, and i have said this before a few times…

    Take anyone of us in business for any real length of time.
    take all the customers you have had over the years and put them into one room. i.e. UKSB
    Now shout out, can anyone fault my companies products, services, prices etc>?
    now watch a load of your customers hands go up!

    of course they will… because at some point we will all have done something wrong… whether it be a silly spelling mistake on a sign, a sign going up late or even your prices getting too expensive. someone will have something to say about it.
    as soon as someone says something, another will say… oh yeh that happend to me too and so on…
    i am sure the complaints above are accurate, but lets say some of us are exagerating, this thread may just cost someone their job. 😕

    I do occasionally use Ashby and i honestly cant really complain about anything. Phone support… well from memory i have spoken to a few, in particular, a guy chris on LED’s a couple of times and a guy ian i think a few times… both very helpful, both very clued up on their products. products wise, i like allot of what they have to offer, as well as good prices.

    just my 2p worth… 😀