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  • Peter Normington

    April 14, 2008 at 11:05 pm
    quote John Childs:

    quote Robert Lambie:

    buses have to have them by law.

    Not necessarily they don’t. 😀

    You can register a bus as a private vehicle if it is not used to carry paying passengers. Things like motorhome, horsebox and car transporter conversions, regardless of the number of seats left in it.

    Still need a psv licence if over 16 passengers though, paying or not, and a hgv if over 7.5 tons (3.5 if license issued after 1998( About)
    I was talking about buses proper, not minbuses or motor homes etc

    slight difference John

    I have trawled vospa site no mention of signage on vans though, becoming law. I cant see it happening, or a reason for it, in fact just the opposite, anyone could buy a cheap chinese plotter and set up importing imigrants without suspicion if their van said "Bob the builder" on the side, could they not? Every sign would have to be registered and recorded if it were to make any sense. Probably a Scottish sign firm put out the rumour, to make a few extra quid..