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  • Matt Hards

    April 11, 2008 at 8:03 am

    I too received a wrong order last week, there suggested wall brackets for a 50mm post turned up and you could have fitted two of the poles in them. Not helpful. When i rang and complained, the sales staff and people in background gave the impression of "what muppet sent them out" and were most helpful in making some custom brackets and sent them through fairly quickly. Shame when they sell you a 50mm post and bracket that they dont tell you at the time that they dont even make a 50mm bracket. Then I get a message from my secretary saying that they had rung and a certain individual, who shall be un named ( male ) not mark or byron, was very rude to them on the phone because they couldnt get through because I had phone line troubles. Then i rang them and he was also very rude on the phone to me. Trying to get me to pay for the new brackets as well as the incorrect ones. Telling me that I can even sell them to the scrap man if i want cos he wasnt bothered. Very helpful. I refused to pay and now Im awaiting a phone call from his manager. Still havent heard anything. Maybe his manager laughed at him too.