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  • Robert Lambie

    April 7, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    we built, rented and then sold about 10 of these trailers.
    we bought old chassis from wrecked caravans for about £30. some were free if we uplifted.
    the chassis has to be in good condition, as does the brakes. we added towing lights, plates etc and new tyes to the wheels if needed.
    we basically welded up a steel frame and sheeted it. never had any problems… the idea was for us to build them and rent them out lettered.
    that way you get the rental and the sale of the signage each time… but everyone we made and rented, the customer just asked to buy it after their first month or so… we sacked the joiner that worked for us at the time, so never got round to doing anymore…

    i don’t know the positioning of the trailer or how hard it would be to get it onto site but i would imagine a good 4×4 towing it into place would do the trick. tel the customer this and if he is worried about spoiled grass then that’s his problem. unless john lowers it in by helicopter. 😉

    the traler needed be that heavy… a simple bare chassis with a steel frame welded onto it would be done in a few hours.

    you could drill every 12inches around the frame and attach a banner or mesh banner using bungee rope and hooks.

    if its sitting in an exposed area, the banner should flex with the bungees enough to prevent it being toppled. if this is still a worry then simple load the base with sand bags once on site.
    because you are using only the frame on a chassis, a banner both sides and weighted by sand, its not going anywhere…how can it, theres nothing ridged for the wind to push against.