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  • Graeme Speirs

    April 7, 2008 at 2:27 pm


    mark my words and thank me for this down the line!!!

    *****WARNING – AVOID AVOID AVOID *****!!!! these trailers are a total nightmare, adverse weather easily topples them, they need to be so secure its unreal, as someone else has said they act like sails. I found out the hard way and wound up costing me more cash to replace them all. I sited 2 near the M8 and out of all the jobs I have ever done this was easily the worst and I will never get involved again. This added to your access problems should let you make your own mind up!!!!
    As Chris said, offer to make the signs supply only and get them to source the trailer etc just you are covered but might still get the sale.
    I subbed this out I might names mentioned though as Im sure he still reads the boards, the most fun part was when I called him when transporting one of them and I jest you not half of it blew off his transport truck whilst going across the forth road brifge!!!! I can laugh now but my god it was so much stress for a job which lost me nearly £1k!!!! just my tuppence worth I might add but its up to you.