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  • Russell Huffer

    April 5, 2008 at 8:44 pm


    I am a one man band in a unit I do not have enough space to work from home as my new unit is 120sqM.
    I get no passing trade as I am based in an industrial centre with 12 other business, the downside of this setup is not much advertising space on the outside of the build especially as my unit is round the back so just my company name on the the shared sign at the front. The real upside of this setup for a one person on his own is getting items delivered / collected by couriers, altough I may be out when they deliver normally someone in the building supplies a signature, if i need stuff picked up when not there I can leave stuff outside my unit door ie accesable but not on the street. The other advantage is cost sharing a building is the cheapest in my opinion, I pay peanuts for my electricity as the landlord pay the bill then recharges according to each meter however as one of the clients uses over 2K a month we are on a favarable high user unit cost.
    I have worked from home and unit and find leaving the house and going to work focuses me much better than working from home and even though I had no passing trade I have grown my busines alot since taking on a unit.
    Bottom line is if you have the funds go for it, you will grow and it looks far more professional.