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  • Mike Fear

    April 4, 2008 at 7:55 am

    It tends to depend on what the job is, generally we wont provide a proof, but will send one out after payment up front, then make any changes that the customer wants before making up the order.

    If it is something fairly simple like just manipulating fonts that only takes 5 minutes then we do sometimes do them, but anything that is going to take time to make up needs to be paid for.

    As a lot of our work is repeat business, or from reccomendations customers are usually happy that they are going to get what they want from seeing work we have done for others.

    I do think if you are a new business though and trying to build your reputation that it can be a good idea ( especially if you havent got much work coming in and would just be twiddling you thumbs otherwise ! ) to do the proofs first.