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  • Jason Xuereb

    April 4, 2008 at 3:55 am

    We used to give out proofs. We don’t anymore simply because we found the type of clients that wanted to see something before they even committed to the job weren’t the clients we wanted. We’ve found these are the clients that usually think design is free, designs magically get downloaded off the Internet or they believe you designing their logo and then putting in on a sign is classified in the price of producing a sign.

    When we first started we’d give proofs without even getting the job but now we’ve got a good portfolio and good recommendations we don’t need to do this anymore.

    Most of our work now is 100% payment upfront to approve the job.

    If its a larger job we do a 50% deposit with the other 50% on completion.

    We’ve only got a few clients on account.

    Hope this helps.