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  • David Crocker

    March 31, 2008 at 3:53 pm
    quote David-Foster-:

    quote David Crocker:

    the customer was on a silly low budget.

    Was that the £700? Put a photo up, let’s have a look what she got for £700?

    If i get time to un-tie the brush thats currently attached to me i’ll upload a pic no problem. 😉

    I warn you tho that its a hideous design! I more than know my way around photoshop and i design a lot of graphics too. But this customer just wanted the name of the shop, tel number and address – no snazzifying, no BG images, no nothing – just letters on a sign! (Ive not even put our name to it, i really dont want people to know i did it! Now that says something when you dont want referals from your work!)

    I bet y’all cant wait to see it now lol.

    Stay tuned, when i get a chance ill snap a pic.

    @ Gavin, apology accepted there, no worries 😉

    thanks all again