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  • David Crocker

    March 29, 2008 at 8:20 pm
    quote Gavin MacMillan:

    quote David Rogers:

    UV damage / having rocks tossed at it.

    UV damage I agree with but all signs can get vandalised and although composite board will hold up better it’ll still look rubbish. I’m about to do another job in this way onto 10mm extra (foam with a recycled core) for a customer we did one for 3 years ago, all is well with his other signs and he wants more. We flood coated the boards though as to me using coloured foam outdoors screams cowboy unless for very short term use.


    The customer requested it, and in that colour. What the customer wants, they get.

    I agree it’ll fade fast, its a horrible red that screams "Sun…fade me now!"

    Thanks all