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Activity Feed Forums Sign Discussion General Sign Topics what are the road side sign restrictions please? Re: Road side sign restrictions. Knowledge needed.

  • Russell Spencer

    March 28, 2008 at 12:49 pm
    quote Karl Williams:

    You have to introduce yourself first mate in the hello forum. then we might just be nice and help you! 😀 😀

    I must have missed that one in the board rules??

    Jon, you have to find out who the land belongs to first and get the permission of land owner. Even if your customer says it will be OK, I would double check because ultimately you will be trespassing and damaging their land by digging holes in it. If there are other signs from other companies on there then there may be a precedent but permission will still be required.
    With regard to sizing it will all be down to your local council. The main details you need are advertising and planning consent and I think your town planning dept will have a copy of this. It would be worth getting a copy and giving it a read.
    Thats the legal basis anyway – the reality is that most people will stick a sign up similar to ones that are already there and not seek permission from anyone. On an industrial estate you stand more chance of getting away with it especially if there are other signs there. But if yours is the only one on the grass verge then I’m pretty certain it will be ordered to be removed or removed for you pretty sharpish.