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  • David Rogers

    March 25, 2008 at 11:53 pm
    quote Peter Normington:

    quote Simon James:

    thats cheap

    my longest ever sign was 8 metres x 3 ft high in a palatrine frames on blk gloss foamulux with moulded chrome lettering on

    saying SPACEFITTINGFURNITURE all has one word in Gill sans (Looked good, I think so anyway??) it was a difficult fit though as the showroom was on an incline and what we thought was on the p*ss the customer thought was straight.

    from memory i charges them £2100 & the Vodka and Tonic

    as for going pink, i think it will take about 2 years, I looked today at a sign on Yellow foamulex we fitted in 2003 and it just starting to look faded now!


    I dont think I would be happy fitting moulded letters to foamex, at those dimensions in a panatrim frame,

    I would expect something a bit more for the £2100, but then thats just my opinion,
    How much did the letters cost? probably the biggest expense, and probably not cheap, so why mount them on a cheap substate?

    Red foamex/lux does fade quickly as do a lot of the other colours, so not really suitable for long term signage.


    Have to agree with Peter on all four points there – for the sake of you spending another £100 on materials you could’ve used alu-composite & flood coated it / bought it pre-coloured. Just my thoughts….