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  • David Rogers

    October 12, 2007 at 7:30 pm


    Nah, I just remembered that it’s nearly impossible to move the ‘ring finger’ and ‘pinkie’ independently as they work off the same muscle (tendons attached in different places). To achieve that ‘pose’ with just moving ONLY the ring finger requires ‘freakishly good control’!

    Ach bugger! I’ve just done it with my right hand…still moving my pinkie on the Left though….

    Come to think of it, it might have been extending it… ho hum – made you try it anyway. :lol1:

    Goes and checks…Found this

    quote :

    Interestingly, the ring finger and little finger share part of the same muscle, which in some circumstances makes it difficult or even impossible to move the ring finger independently. Try clenching your fist, and then try to straight just the ring finger, without moving the other fingers, you’ll find it can’t be achieved. However, if you stretched your thumb across your palm, and hold the little finger down, it can now be achieved.

    Which appears to just as erroneous as me! I can do it with my right hand no bother – just not my left. Freaks of the world unite!