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  • Shane Drew

    July 16, 2007 at 8:15 am

    Jason, Quickbooks and MYOB are nothing short of criminal in their treatment of their client based.

    Forcing us to pay for upgrades, which in nearly every case is required because they’d uncovered a ‘bug’ or ‘security risk’ boggles my mind. If it was a token amount it would be one thing, but none of their ‘fees’ are cheap by any means 👿

    My dad rang them the other day to describe an ‘issue’ we were having with our latest upgrade, and they wouldn’t talk to him until he gave them his credit card details. Dad said he thought the service was free because it was an upgrade issue. They said they’d decide if it was free after they got his card details. They suggested we should ‘trust’ that they would do the right thing.

    Yeah right… 👿