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  • Shane Drew

    July 15, 2007 at 11:27 am
    quote Bill McMurtry:

    Man, that takes me back… good old Amiga 500 with a whopping 5Mb hard drive and, if memory serves, 128k Ram – thought that was outrageously huge at the time :lol1:

    Ah yes, the Amiga.

    I stated my selling career in sales for Commodre Computers.. The vic20, c16, c64, c128, PET cp/m business computers that ran on a data cassette, then the c64 with a single drive, 3032 cp/m with a whopping 32k RAM that ran full accounting software.

    My sister and father developed the first computerised Cash Book on the C64, later the cp/m machines and then the 8082 machines. Sold them around the world…. I ended up the #3 commodore computer salesman in Australia in the early ’80’s. Won countless awards, a trip to the USA… ah yes those were the days :lol1:

    I remember my biggest sale in one invoice was for a bloke that wanted to discuss business over a 6am breakfast… at McDonalds. Maccas had not long started doing breakfast here in Oz at the time. Turns out he offered 4 computer companies the same offer.. to discuss business over breakfast. I was the only guy that turned up… and I walked out of the meeting with an order for 120 computer systems. Turns out he was a buyer for one of australias largest business colleges. I learnt a very valueable lesson that day that I still abide by. That is, always consider any request in regards to doing business, no matter what time or place the client wishes to discuss it.