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  • Lee Ballard

    July 14, 2007 at 2:28 pm

    Right still have no phoneline or internet due to BT’s incompetence however did have a good chat with Nigel the other day so all sorted there and thanks again Nigel.

    Have a new problem today, ordered some ink yesterday for the JV3, happy to pay the saturday delivery as needed it urgently (CMY and K) so saturday comes, it’s now nearly half three and no delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m stuffed. Of course being saturday afternoon, the courier and the supplier offices are no shut.

    Really not impressed (Incidently if anyone close to Lincs has any I can nab I’d be gratful) as will probably have to work through Monday night to get a load of banners made once printed.

    Oh well as Peter says, smelly stuff happens and this week it happens all at once 😀