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  • graham stewart

    July 14, 2007 at 1:18 am

    Thanks for the replies,
    In answer to questions Yes it is stretched canvas.
    No it is not our original we have a total of 20 canvas prints that we have done all about the same size. We are trying to get $149.00 each but up until now not luck, but I have got to admit I have only shown them once.
    As for the framing Shane no I have never a framing course just very good with carpentry. When it came to doing the frame I did some research into the material (wood) the timber is called stretcher bar, and is made for this job, it is also kiln dried. I also bought the tool to stretch the canvas, had to modify it to make it work better. I was going to put more on the boards to show you but my upload speed is like watching grass grow, I will load a couple more on when I am not using the computer.

    Thanks all for the inquiries