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  • Harry Cleary

    July 6, 2007 at 10:07 pm
    quote Jillbeans:

    No No No….
    I flew them all over here by private jet and we are out in my backyard setting off illegal fireworks.
    When the cops get here I will let Marcella talk to them.
    I’ll get her to speak in Broad Scots so nobody can understand.
    Peter and Lynn are grilling blue beef on the BBQ and I just sent Rob out for more Breezers.
    I think Dave Rowland is mowing the yard on my lawn tractor to try and impress my daughter.
    C’mon over Karl!
    We can play horeshoes.

    You forgot to mention I’m painting your toenails Jill, while you eat grapes and drink wine!…….that oneshot is great stuff for nails isn’t it.
    Come on KArl, it’s a great party!