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  • Vale 46

    May 29, 2007 at 6:05 pm
    quote Dave Rowland:

    and is “Vale 46” your real name? ask rob to change it as most of us use real names now… although not a board rule, just a trend and friendlness.

    Vale (as I am sure Nik could tell you*) is short for Valentino (Rossi), the best motorcyclist in the world. 46 is his race number. My name is Richard Howes. I couldn’t be friendlier Dave, hence the quick offer to help someone out. I don’t see as having my christian name displayed makes me any less friendly. Let’s be interesting and not all the same 😉

    *If you saw Nik’s former avatar, it was Rossi’s sun & moon symbol, but it would only be known by another biker. Of course seeing someone has a shared interest increases friendliness even more, but hey ho. 😀