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  • Shane Drew

    May 26, 2007 at 3:19 am

    All the best with the move Lee.

    I work from my Parents home… A big shed in their back yard actually.

    I’d love to work from my own home, but I’d be working 24/7 if that were the case. I always feel guilty if work is to be done, and I’m doing something else.

    We moved from a factory back to my parents place because it is not uncommon for me to have last minute jobs, and I would work till midnight. The factory we had was not in a well lit area, and frankly, I didn’t feel safe late at night.

    Now Dad starts locking up and tells me to go home 😕 or if I do work late, he or mum work with me to help get the work done quicker. The added bonus is my parents pick up my kids from school, so I am blessed with being able to spend some time with them after school, while I work. Not always a good idea though, as my kids like to ‘help’ which often slows me down 😛 .. and I worry about them using knives and stuff, but then the only injuries at my place has been by me, to me 🙁