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  • Shane Drew

    May 21, 2007 at 10:22 am

    Hugh, I’m the sort of fisherman that throws his line in, pulls it back out and if the bait is still there, I throw it in again. If I pull it out, and the bait is gone and I don’t feel a tug, I go home. 😕

    I once sat beside a mate of mine, on a jetty, sharing the same bait, using the same lines…. he caught 52 fish in the same time as it took me to catch 9 😳 I’ve not spoken to him since!! :lol1: :lol1:

    I took my son fishing when he was 6, we threw the line in, pulled it back out, my son saw the bait on the hook, and raced up and down the beach screaming that he had caught his first fish. Before we could shut him up, we had this crowd of fishermen congratulating him on his first catch.

    I was really embarrassed. My wife loves fishing though, so I let her take him now….. 😳