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  • Hugh Potter

    May 21, 2007 at 8:29 am

    had a good, but veerrrrrrrry loooooooooooooooooooooooooong fishing weekend, left home at 5am on friday to go get some nasty little crabs for bait, found a lobster and giant spider crab, so it was rude not to bring them home with me for dinner,

    i then spent the majority of friday sorting out my rods etc, loading the car, and cooking and eating a lobster and monster crab (as crab cakes), then off fishing down the beach, rather uneventful night… just one 4lb bass, doing signs all day saturday, out again for more crab sat pm, then fished all night, few more smoothound (shark family) and odds and ends saw the sun rising, and a few more hourse fishing for nothing !

    got home around 11am, sorted out the gear, did some artwork, fell asleep for an hour while doing artwork.. had the keyboard keys imprinted on my forehead to prove it ! watched deadliest catch on sky for about 5hrs, then went to bed for a long deserved sleep !

    not everyone’s idea of a great weekend, but hey, great views, nice fresh air, get to see the sun set and rise each day, and £40 worth of high quality fresh sea bass now in my fridge (not the scabby farmed junk you buy in the supermarkets labelled as sea bass !),

    there ya go !

    ps, still feel knackered though !