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  • Robert Lambie

    May 17, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    200,000 is a great milestone to reach, im very pleased… bit daunting when i have only just began to break the forums up into relevancy 😮 :lol1:

    6700+ registered too… 7000 just round the corner, great stuff! 😛

    andy… :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: i actually fully intended on a prize for that mate but its reached it before i even realised. ive been slogging away with sign work, setting new forums, homepage and some videos ive not even noticed 😳 :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:
    what about a blue peter badge?
    crackerjack pen?
    jim fixed it for you medallion?
    this is your life red book?
    should i just shut up now? 😳 :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: