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  • Richard Barraclough

    May 8, 2007 at 5:58 pm
    quote John Childs:

    quote Richard Barraclough:

    Hmmmm what pixel is that photo john? i could have a use for that! does it have royalties tied to it?

    Not many pixels at all Richard. I reduced it quite severely to put on the board.

    In fact, it is two photos badly stitched together because I have a 180 degree view. Even then I didn’t get it all in.

    If you have a use for an image like that I would be happy to take some proper photos for you. The licensing fee is one bottle of San Miguel per image, payable the next time I am in Almeria. 😀

    Great john deal done! i want a typical british scene to print out 3m long for on our wall in the office, something like that will be fantastic, ill find you some stunning sunsets from down here.