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  • Shane Drew

    April 29, 2007 at 11:42 am

    I did a really posh motel in the really expensive part of town last year.

    They wanted Gaming Lounge hanging from the roof, over the entrance.

    I did all the artwork, they rejected the fonts style, I did more artwork, they rejected the colour choice, I did a third example and they loved it.

    Went back to the office, sent them a full colour proof and asked them to sign it, before I would proceed.

    They sent back the signature with really nice words about the effort I’d put in, praised my professionalism etc. I was really chuffed.

    When I printed it, and laminated it, and laid it on dibond, my customers that saw it being done, all gave their seal of approval.

    I turned up to the motel, and the big brass was there doing an inspection with the local management.

    I stood on a ladder, they gave me directions… up to the left… down to the right.

    When I’d finished, they patted me on the back, the big brass promised me more work… everyone (12 people) shook my hand, asked for business cards…. I was really happy as I’d been trying to get in to this motel chain for some time.

    I left with everyone very happy, smiles all around.

    I’d been gone 10 minutes and I get a call on my mobile.

    The manager says ‘you @#$%# idiot, how do you spell ‘Gaming’? I thought he was having me on, I said how do you think you spell gaming? He said ‘with an ‘n’!. I said what are you on about?

    He said ‘you can forget being paid for this job… you’ve spelt it Gamimg Room!!!.

    I was so embarrassed, but he was really embarassed when I asked him to check the proof that he signed. He realised that it was spelt the same way on the proof… I said your mistake, but I’ll fix it of course..

    He called me all the names under the sun, questioned my heritage and all. I said I wouldn’t fix it until he agreed to pay me.. which he did.

    What really upset him, was that while all 12 were patting each other on the back, this unemployed printer came up and said ‘Sign look fantastic.. but what does Gamimg mean?

    I still chuckle about that even now. Unfortunately I never got any more work from them since 🙁 I can’t imagine why 😕