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  • Shane Drew

    April 27, 2007 at 7:58 am
    quote michael potter:

    What is it with us Aussies I started with signwizard

    I started with Sign Wizard from the very beginning. Not upgrading to V6 though, coz I think its just as cheap to use Corel x3 and V5 together. Much cheaper 😕

    My last sign shop had the 3 user version, at the time we were the biggest installation behind Carton United Brewery. It was before CASMATE became popular, and all the others out there now. We used the CASMATE Dos version before windows 3.1 came out. Now that was hard work compared to today.

    The Signwizard sales guy was brilliant at the time, I still see him around as he heads one of the big Flat Bed agents here in Oz, but when he gave the agency away, the new people were not a patch on his expertise, so sign guys were swayed elsewhere. Its a real pity because as it is very good software, even the older 4.1 version stacks up well even now.