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  • Dave Harrison

    April 25, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    While I think rearranging the letters is an absolutely classic idea, I reckon he’d have a much better chance of successfully suing you than if you just take it down.

    Take the sign down and I think his solicitor ( if he decided to go down that route ) would basically advise him he hasn’t got a hope in hell !
    The police won’t be interested unless they arrive when you are taking the sign down in which case the most they will do is move you on.

    However if you re-arranged the letters to spell Ar$e, a good solicitor may find it easier to win damages against you for putting his clients business in disrepute.

    Of course you could always argue that the £300 deposit paid only covered the costs of the letters A , R , S and E !

    Whatever you do don’t let him get away with it, best of luck

    Dave. .