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  • Shane Drew

    April 25, 2007 at 11:09 am
    quote John Childs:

    literally millions of people have had their industries disappear over the centuries, due to government or economic changes, and some just down to pure progress. .

    I agree, lots of industry has disappeared due to technology alone. Look at the jobs that computerization has taken away. Can’t blame governments for that. Hell, most of us wouldn’t do what we do now if it was not for the humble computer. How many talented hand painters has it sent to the wall, or destroyed incomes as a result? Only the other day I was talking to a calligrapher. She has closed up shop because of desktop publishing software.

    Also, I think that so many politicians are Solicitors and Barristers these days, every one knows they are paid liars anyway, so few have faith any of them can lie straight in bed, leave alone tell the truth.

    Voting is compulsory here, is it not that way over there too?