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  • Gavin MacMillan

    April 24, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    It’s the local elections that are the difficult ones. I can’t count how many fliers I’ve had through the door and it’s all crap. It’s difficult to gauge what these people actually achieve when they are elected and very difficult to know whether they are worth re-electing.

    It is only my opinion but a lot of people suffered more than we can imagine to make it possible to put a cross in a box, I think it’s the least any one can do, even if it is a case of the lesser of the evils or spoiling the paper, were here and should be counted.

    Working in town today there was the good old coerx board advertising our local ssp candidate, who I happened to go to school with (I’m only 27 by the way, this seems very unfair!) and my work mate said ‘I’m gonna vote for him then’

    me ‘you crazy, the ssp?’

    ‘I don’t know anything about it so why not’


    rant over!