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  • Shane Drew

    March 28, 2007 at 10:19 am
    quote Micheal Donnellan:

    father out of hospital and had a stent fitted. His going around more and more on his own now. has to eat the dreaded rabbit food now and I’ve been warned to loose weight as I’m 2 stone heavier than him and family history of heart attacks.

    Glad to hear about your dad Michael.

    I’m also from a family of heart disease on the male side of the family. Most of my uncles on my mums side died before 50 from heart related problems. I’m 47 now. With my dads stroke, heart attack and quadruple bypass as well, my doctor told me I’d better get some weight off – 30kg actually 🙁

    I’m already 17kg lighter and can do things that used to be that much harder before. Just bending down to do low areas used to make me puff. Now I’m doing stuff easily compared to before. I’d recommend it to anyone now. (nothing worse than a reformed dieter they say :lol1: )

    Just got to get off the last 13kg and I’ll be fit as a fiddle, probably die of starvation though 😳

    My wonderful wife has gone on the diet as well to encourage me…. shes lost 20kg 😛 Down 4 dress sizes…. costing me a fortune with buying us both a new wardrobe 😕

    Give it a go mate…. you’ll not regret it. My Blood pressure is fantastic, Cholesterol is perfect, and I sleep better 😛 Lots of benefits.

    John, hope you give up the cigs too. Can’t be any good for you 🙂