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  • Gert du Preez

    March 24, 2007 at 9:09 am

    Our Govt hero worships Mugabe!

    Every town with more than 3 streets has got a Robert Mugabe Avenue. (The first 2 streets are "Independence Avenue" and "Sam Nujoma Ave.)

    When Mugabe was on a state visit 2 weeks ago (has to visit Namibia to do his shopping – nothing in Zim, and he and his cronies cannot travel in the EU) our Lands and Resettlement Minister was full of praise for the "land reform" policy of Zim, and obviously blamed all evils on "imperialism" ans "apartheid"

    People in this country took to the streets to protest his presence. Normally Namibia is politically tolerant of opposition activities, and never infringes on the right of people to have political gatherings etc. In this case, however, the protesters were not given permission to march their proposed route, to hand over a petition at the Zim embassy. People who went to the airport where Mugabe landed were searched, and if any anti – Mugabe literature was found, they were not allowed entry to the (public) facility. To me this seems like gradual erosion of our political freedoms in this country. As a marginalised minorority this makes me very uneasy… we should stop this before we end up in a similar position as the poor blokes in Zimbabwe.