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  • Hugh Potter

    March 22, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    crikey, i was about to whine about my supplier sending me crappy foamex sheets yesterday (ie unusable) and failing to deliver the dibond replacement (they got no more ivory foamex in stock) today, for a job that’s being collected in the morning,

    but after reading all of the above, i feel pretty lucky again !

    Mike, hope yer dad gets better soon,

    warren, ditto for your father in law, and family

    phil, don’t worry too much, just keep smiling as always 😉

    Shane, unbeleivable (had it not been from someone i think is as straight as a die !), but wise words you’ve writen.

    Graham, can certainly sympathise there, my uncle developed lupus, they gave him a massive dose of steroids which left him with brittle bones, hip replacement at 30, he’s needed it done again for the past ten years, he won’t go out in the sun etc either, just hoping my kids, who love to visit him, spur him into having the op again (he doesn’t want to go thru it again), meaning at least that he’ll be more mobile, who knows,

    me ? well i have ‘langerhans-cell-hystiocytosis, a poxy childs problem in the main (usually outgrown in a few years max), I was diagnosed about 10ys ago, but had it a good few years before they sussed the problem, not normally much of a problem, but it does mean i’m one in 850,000 adults, not quite the one in a million my mum used to tell me though !!