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  • graham stewart

    March 22, 2007 at 11:37 am

    Hello Everyone
    I had a accident in 1996 up until then we were doing OK , But all of a sudden NO income, SHOCK HORROR, GUESS what it dose not really get better. We lost our house. Through STRESS my darling developed LOPUS, She never had a sick day in her life. Now can not spend any time in the sun ,unless covered. And feels sick everyday now. I Dose myself with 200mg of morphine every morning so I can try and do stuff. We are finding this sign business a bit slow though, I was a painter & decorator by trade ,but can not roll ceilings and that sort of thing anymore.I can only do things for 3or 4 hours before the pain gets me. I some times get the sh1ts ,and people wonder why. Believe it or not i don’t dwell on it to much now.But for a couple of years i hated the world.Ive always worked and enjoyed it till this happened. (well most of the time) . Well i wrote this after reading some of the other comments. Not meaning to offend anyone,And there is a lot worse off than me. The old saying (I complained about not having any shoes ,Until I saw a person with no feet). All the best every one GRAHAM