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  • David Rogers

    March 14, 2007 at 8:41 pm
    quote Lynn:

    Mapicco your English is good, thanks for explaining, do we have that sort of thing in the uk ???


    Sort of, but not to that extreme. To the best of my knowledge, UK copyright & piracy laws differ a bit. ie. It’s perfectly LEGAL to ‘own’ copied items. Music, software, books, DVD’s etc – it is the actual copying / sharing that is the illegal part.

    FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) / Trading Standards / Police may take an interest in anyone concerned in the manufacture, sale or distribution of any illegal wares.

    Out of those, only the Police can force an entry without ‘invitation’ (ie. you LET them in) – and they’d need a warrant for that. Unless you are selling the stuff to finance a terrorist cell….

    eg. it is still legal to watch the latest ‘Casino Royale’ * on that DVD your mate has – but pass it around, copy it, sell it an a whole can of worms opens up.

    * Comes out on Monday!!! Yay!

    I don’t think there will be anybody here who doesn’t fall foul of copyright laws… That MP3 you ripped to your iPod, the VHS collection taped off the telly (legally a max 7day ‘fair useage’ policy), using a picture you found on the net as your ‘wallpaper’ on your staff’s PC’s, inviting your friends round to watch a video (public performance licence required)…gets a bit tedious & stupid after a while!!