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  • Mapicco

    March 14, 2007 at 8:04 pm
    quote Lynn:

    what is it or who are they ??

    It’s the Bu$ine$$ $oftware Alliance.
    All the big companies are in. Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk.
    They are fighting piracy for making more profit 😛
    Fine for a pirated software is (ValueOfTheRetailFullBox*6)
    Fine for a pirated Autocad 2007 it’s 30000€!
    They came with a policeman and a "judge authorization to inspect" (how to say in English?)

    They won’t care about "small" software houses.
    In fact they found an unregistered version of WinRAR and they completely ignored that.
    But they wanted to check Windows, Office, Photoshop licenses 👿
    In detail their target was Autocad 2007, a software that should be sold in jewelries.
    Fortunately I’ve bought the 2007 LT upgrade just yesterday! 😎 -box sealed- 😎 (the 2007 upgrade will be discontinued tomorrow)

    edit: bad English