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  • Steve Underhill

    March 7, 2007 at 5:27 pm

    I Use a Canon EOS 400D, It comes top consistently in all the major photo tests in magazines, it is a 10.2 megapixel camera wheras the nikon D50 and 70 are 6.1, it takes exceptional shots with the right lens, which is worth spending out on, my camera cost £500 and I have £1600 worth of lenses for it!
    This is until I can afford the 5D or 1DS II. but at £1600 and £5000 respectively I will have to wait a while.
    Nikon lenses tend to be cheaper, but Sigma make a huge range of lenses for the canon and are more in line with nikons pricing, Canon lenses are without equal especially in the L series and although expensive are the very best money can buy.
    i would choose Canon over Nikon or Olympus but if you had to choose either of the other 2 I would choose Nikon, Canon and Nikon are number 1 and 2 market leaders and the range of products available for the 2 ranges is astounding.
    Check out some reviews of them etc, go to
    or, I have a profile on there under the name canonball and all pics were taken with a 350D and the 400D if you want to see the quality of it, If money is an issue go for a 350D at 8.2 megapixels it has more resolution than the low end Nikon cameras and if you intend to blow up the pictures you need all the resolution you can get.
    And always, always shoot in RAW, especially if you have adobe photoshop CS3 the raw editor in there is fantastic, even better than CS2, (not sure when CS3 is out mind Adobe gave me a beta key as I bought CS2) You can do just about anything with it.