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  • Shane Drew

    March 6, 2007 at 10:38 am

    Hi mate,

    I’ve been a fan of Olympus for years, started with my trip35 when I was a kid, had my own dark room, when I got older with Olympus OM1 and OM10 cameras SLR’s, as well as Praktica SLR’s.

    One bit of advice I can offer, Film photography is way different to Digital photography.

    Its all about the software as much as it is about the camera. With film, you were more conscious of light, aperture and such, with my Nikon D70 and Software shooting RAW, I can adjust lighting etc after I have taken the shot. You do not have the same options just shooting jpeg.

    In keeping with my ‘film’ experience, I try not to go down the photoshop route. I prefer my photos to be untouched, straight from the lense.

    I have had some professional photographers praise my work, thinking I’m a photoshop guru. I’m not, and they are amazed I can get such a good result untouched. Only last week, I was offered a job with a photographer based on my work but its not easy at first.

    Thing is, it took a lot to get my head around when I went digital. If you are a ‘film’ man, don’t be discouraged when the results are not as expected when taking film.

    The downside to RAW though, is that if you submit photos to Royalty Free sites, the ‘noise’ will always be an issue. That is where the Canon, Nikon, Olympus (or whatever) camera needs the software. It lets you manipulate photos electronically, like you used to do in a dark room.

    I’m not familiar with the Olympus DSLR, but with an excellent name for lenses, I’d imagine it will take great shots anyway. 8mp is nice too.

    If you are a PS guru, you may find it easier to manipulate the RAW through there, but most manufacturers have software that is best suited to their camera. is considered one of the best resources in the business. May be worth checking out.

    Have fun mate, its a whole new word out there with DSLR.