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  • Darren Mooney

    September 29, 2006 at 9:09 am

    Thanks Chris! Had the regtangles in to black the background jpg out, lazy way out of cropping! eventually cropped it properly but it still went the same way! never thought of converting to a bitmap! was too busy getting frustrated about why it wouldn’t print! they were needed for this morning, so it was a late night! Was using it as part of the xpres ultragraphics system, loaded into my roland cx24 to cut using the opus eye, all seemed to be going well until I saw where it cut… it was as if the design had been gradually elongated… tried adjusting numorous settings, page size, position on the page etc, but it still cut the same elongated line, will scan a result for autopsy later! ended up goind around the whole lot of them with a scalpel!