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  • Darren Mooney

    September 20, 2006 at 7:26 pm

    Quality is of importance to me…. I had the inbro machine and it was annoying to see other embroidery looking so well and not knowing what I was doing wrong! go for the barudan, not sure what the prices are at mo, but given the choice I would have paid the extra few quid a week had I had known that all machines weren’t the same!! I now put out work I’m really delighted with, knowing that you won’t get better!
    It also depends on what sort of quantities you’re doing..what would you shift per week? Do you want to do caps as well? caps are a pain to be honest, I really try to stay away from them, have had a few bad experiences, spoiling as many as I had turn out well! prob just my own machine system! If you’re doing a few hundred items a week I’d prob go for a 4 head or 6 head machine, yep, a garment per head, but the downside is if you only want to do a single item, or a sample maybe, you can’t use the other 5 heads, so you’re tying up machine time. I couldn’t say look out for something because they’re all pretty similar function wise, you might get the colour display rather than the monochrome display starting out as it looks easier interface, and can use compact flash memory rather than just a floppy disc…any other questions fire away…