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  • Robert Lambie

    September 17, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    If applying wet, i think rapidtac is the best method because the liquid has a form of stimulant to help activate the glue on the vinyl. i did a few little tests with a sample bottle i was sent a couple of years back. my workshop was freezing and i was applying some scraps of vinyl to a bit of cold aluminium.
    in short the bit applied using rapidtac had a much better bite than the bit using fresh water. in my view any additives in the water such as fairy liquid etc only extends the drying out time anyway. if i was using rapid tac to apply i would not use it on the rear application paper, to expensive… use fresh water spray on that.

    im not being funny but, if we arrive to apply something in a customers shop window, we cannot expect the customer to have us hanging around for the whole day because we are waiting for the fluid to dry. they have to run their business too after all… if you know upfront this to be the case ide advise fitting just before closing and being there next morning to remove before the customer starts trading again.

    we had a regular on this site a couple of years ago that advised people that it was acceptable to return each day for up to 3 to 4 days just checking the vinyls were still as they should be and if need be, then remove the application tape as the water should now be dried out.
    to me this is rediculaous. i for one would be fuming if i was the customer.

    glass is super smooth and can cause problems at the best of time with moisure trapped behind the vinyl. a tip would be to apply the graphics dry, but late in afternoon when sun has gone down. cold glass is easy to apply onto dry because the vinyl just doesnt take to it right away.
    that said, if applying vinyl to "COLD" glass make sure it has application tape because the cold will make the vinyl go brittle.

    as i always say and ill try not to bore you… apply DRY! 😉