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  • Shane Drew

    September 10, 2006 at 7:16 am
    quote Higgi29:

    I have one and find that for flood coating and laying graphics on panelsit is great.
    Not too bad at laminating small prints but have just done 10x 1350 x 2500 blue back paper prints and when laminating them 4 had creases and out of that 4 2 are scrap! that was with 3 men doing it.
    For small stuff it is great but it definatly has its limitations. All in all though I am glad we bought it.


    Ian, laminating paper is hard on most laminators. You took it under the bar before it when in I take it?

    I had this exact same thing happen on my electric old laminator. GMCfordigraph, the manufacturers came out and told me it was because the ink was not totally dry. The other reason they gave was that the laminate was not correct for the application. Laminates for paper are different than for vinyl apparently (I don’t know if this is true tho)

    If I do paper now, I always laminate it on a 2 or 3mm backing sheet. The size of your sheet would have made that difficult tho as most sheets are only 1220 wide. I’ve never had a problem doing it this way since.

    Sorry you had so much drama mate,