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  • Shane Drew

    January 28, 2006 at 1:06 pm
    quote Dave Rowland:

    a ‘guest room’ is normally a room within a house for friends to sleep.

    I thought in Aus, that toilets would be worded “dunnie” and the ‘ladies’ termed “Shelias” or should I set light to the cheap Crocodile Dundee movies now?

    That is a spare room here mate

    Sheilas and fellas are found in the working class pubs Dave, Female and Male in the more upper class pubs, the ones that insist on the blokes wearing a shirt and shoes instead of thongs (for the feet) and blue singlets. Blokes that wear thongs (clothing) drink at a different establishment altogether 😳

    Dunny is reserved for football grounds, motor races, or anywhere that blokes meet. You will not find many ‘sheilas’ refering to a ‘loo’ as a ‘dunny’ unless they are truck drivers or farming stock.

    For what its worth, a sheila that calls the loo a dunny would not drink at the same establishment as a bloke that wears a thong (clothing) either :lol1: