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  • Shane Drew

    January 28, 2006 at 11:03 am
    quote Jill Marie Welsh:

    I find it funny that you will NEVER see “Toilets” here on a directional sign….
    far too “vulgar” for us Yanks.
    Ours say Restrooms, the Canadians’ say Washrooms.

    Never came to terms with ‘restrooms’ when we were in the states. Restroom implies to me that you go to relax, sort of like a ‘parents retreat’ sort of thing. Washroom implies bathroom here.

    some pubs here just call it a ‘loo’ although toilets is the norm. Some of our theme parks use restroom for the parents with babies, especially the american owned ones, and you start to see ‘guest room’ appearing in some shopping centers for the changing of nappies.

    Funny how different nationalities have different views on things. Australians are acknowledged as crude and vulgar anyway, so I suppose toilet probably figures in our lingo… The japanese are usually the most embarrased when it comes to meeting the average extraverted aussie.