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  • Hugh Potter

    January 28, 2006 at 10:17 am

    has to be the navara,

    nissan are without a doubt the most reliable motors you can buy, i’ve owned just about every make and model of car, even my beloved chrysler (proper american V8…. no wussy euro tin) stuff lets me down, nissan is the only marque i’ve owned, 3 cars 4yrs, which has NEVER let me down,

    image is a fair enough point, i do think carefully about what to buy now, but i think i’m going with a people carrier, why do i need a truck, cant put an 8×4 in a little pick up bed like that ! with kids etc, and currently only a budget for one vehicle, i’ll be going for something i can use for everything, just looking a a nissan import, tdi, 4wd, 8seater, seats fold into bed or remove to make a cool van, very practicle (god i sound mature now 😥 ), get all my fishing gear in, and i could even use it for sign work