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  • Shane Drew

    January 27, 2006 at 11:27 pm

    Normally I’d agree Nik, but I have experienced this first hand.

    Dad and I drove two identical Kombi Vans, signed exactly the same, new paint, new uphosltery etc etc, and we were known around the traps because of them.

    People would come up and admire them etc. Everyone it seems wants a restored Kombi.

    Then I lost two contracts within the space of 2 weeks.

    One was for $14000 and the other for $12000. I was livid. I called in to see the clients and asked what I had done that I was being replaced.

    The reply stunned me… A new sign shop turned up in a $50,000 HSV Ute, and the managements concluded that he was obviously more successful than me, I was gutted. He was even dearer than me by $2000! on one contract

    I went straight to a car dealer and purchased a new work van.

    What really shocked me was that I then started getting contracts for jobs that I never thought I had a chance. People started pulling me over in the street asking me to quote on upcoming projects.

    When I had that van 3 years, I traded it for a more ‘flashy and expensive’ long wheel base Vito.

    I had someone tell me the other day they were not getting a second quote as I’m obviously successful.

    So, 4 years ago I would have told Peter he was wrong, now I have to agree with him.

    I don’t say that I’m any better because I drive a new flash van, but it comes down to first impressions. Even starting work with a clean tidy van will make a difference, over a dirty untidy one.