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  • Shane Drew

    January 26, 2006 at 10:33 am

    Qld police are allowed beards, but the uniform is the same for everyone at the moment. Although they have decided to let the police wear shorts and open neck shirts. I don’t see our premier making any other changes anytime soon, because he is not very popular at the moment. Only today, because of our hospital shortage, they had to order a fire engine to pick up a poor bloke who was having a heart attack, as no ambulances were available..

    I have just done a series of signs for our theme parks here that advise people that some rest rooms are now prayer rooms.

    The arabic tourism groups have forced the theme parks to change their scheduals to accommodate their worship times. If they don’t the arabs wll go somewhere else. My arguments is, if they are coming out here to experience real aussie culture, why do we then have to change?

    I’m sure if we go there, they’d not be happy about our women walking the streets in summer dresses and us drinking a xxxx , and I’m sure they would not change their ideas to accommodate us.

    That said, I have asian and arabic clients that can’t understand it themselves, so I’ve got no chance. They are good friends too

    Have a good picnic? Record heat wave in victoria. Wouldn’t want to be down there this week. 😮