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  • Shane Drew

    January 26, 2006 at 9:31 am
    quote valegraphics:

    Hi again,
    Could anyone tell me if oracal 751c would be ok to be heated and stretched into the swages of a vauxhall movano. Ive seen robs demo on an escort van so i was just thinking…………? Or should i go for a wrap. The van has an existing painted “phs swoosh” in yellow from top rear corner to front of bonnet. The widest part of the swoosh is only 16″ getting narrower to the front. I have spoken to my rep about meta 2100 series, but he says that it should be fed rather than stretched and heated into curves,at the top of the van this is not possible. Cheers. Hope ive explained well enough?

    nice 😎

    if you want to use a digital print material that will ‘eat’ those recesses, use 3951 and 290 laminate.

    851 will be the materill I’d use, in computer cut.