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  • Shane Drew

    January 25, 2006 at 11:57 pm
    quote Frog Man:

    Shane, if anything I’ve noticed people seem to be a lot more patriotic these days with flags on cars and houses and of course all the kids have Aussie flag temporary tattoos on their faces and arms.

    I’ve noticed that too mate, especially since the Bali bombings and such. I think that with the patriotism has come more racism too. Seems to go hand in hand somehow.

    The cronulla riots seems to be proof of that.

    We have a huguuuggge Arab tourist population here, and there is growing unrest with the conecessions the government are giving these people (full burkas allowed in banks and shops) but not extending that to the locals. As a result, a big movement in aussie patriotic feeling, and thus, anti Arab feeling.

    George, we have a lot of short weeks in the early part of the year.. Queens Birthday (which is not on the Queens Birthday) to celebrate our heritage, Labor Day to celebrate the ‘struggle’ for freedom, Queensland day to celebrate our state, the list goes on. The second half of the year is almost holiday free 🙁