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  • Jill Marie Welsh

    January 25, 2006 at 12:40 pm

    To get the accented letters, (I’ll use é as an example)
    go to START
    Type in charmap
    a little screen comes up listing all the characters in any given alphabet
    on your system (you may have to scroll font names)
    and it tells you the numeric codes for alternate letters.
    Such as é = (hold down ALT key while typing 130)
    If you can’t find a character map in your system (I have Win98SE)
    type it into Google, there are some good free charmaps that are easier to see than the Windows one.
    I find it funny that you will NEVER see “Toilets” here on a directional sign….
    far too “vulgar” for us Yanks.
    Ours say Restrooms, the Canadians’ say Washrooms.